Head office:
Kozanis 5, 66100, Drama, Greece
tel: +30 25210 46966, +30 25210 46881
Fax: +30 25210 559577

Packaging site:
Perithori, 66033, Kato Neurokopi
tel: +30 25230 31210
Fax: +30 25230 31216

The Packaging Facility


Our facility is established in Pethori, Kato Neurokopi, in the prefecture of Drama. Inside a privately owned 28300 m2 (304618.664 ft2) area, a 3400 m2 (36597.295 ft2) site was built, housing storage, refrigeration, offices, dining and resting areas for employees.

The packaging facility entails 650 m2 (6996.541 ft2) of fully refrigerated spaces where a total of 600,000 kgr of fresh potato can be stored.


Packaging machinery


The ALKA packaging facility contains two production lines with a sorting capability of 10 tons per hour. The main production line is connected to the PROPAK automated bagging and packaging machine for packages from 5 to 30 kgrs.

A 12-channel NEWTEC weighing machine automatically weighs the product, with complete accuracy due to its latest technology.


3 more packaging lines are connected to the main production line:

a) QUICKPACK for 2-3 kgr packages
b) GIRSACK for 2-3 kgr packages
c) NET SACK for 2, 2.5 and 3 kgr packages

The production capacity ranges from 22 to 35 pieces per minute, depending on the package type.

The second production line is connected to a packaging line for 25 and 30 kgr packages, with a capacity of 10 tons per hour.

The entirety of the packaging facility is equipped with ventilation and heating systems to ensure our employees health.